ABOUT Carrier




開麗娛樂經紀有限公司,前身為開麗創意組合有限公司,由台灣知名主持人張小燕及知名經紀人苗秀麗於1987年共同創立,主要經營藝人演藝、音樂、經紀等業務。旗下藝人包括姜育恆、李之勤、姚黛瑋、林立洋、以及團體組合: 憂歡派對、小虎隊、紅孩兒、少女隊、帥哥美女綜藝團…..等知名歌手。

2019年開麗娛樂經紀有限公司重新改組,由創辦人苗秀麗,全球華人市場、兩岸三地著名藝人吳奇隆,協同前開麗資深員工、前上市藝術經紀公司總經理 秦聰杰,共同協領團隊除原藝人經紀業務外,擴展經營藝文展演及演唱會表演娛樂產業。營運範籌擴及台灣、香港、澳門、大陸、星馬及整個東南亞市場

Carrier Entertainment, formerly known as Carrier Creative, was founded in 1987 by well-known Taiwanese hostess Zhang Xiaoyan(張小燕) and influential artist manager Shirley Miao(苗秀麗).
It was mainly engaged in performing arts, music and artist management. Artists included: Chiang Yu-Heng(姜育恆), Debbie Yeo(姚黛瑋), Lee Chih-Ching(李之勤),  and Lam Lei (林立洋) who has been active from 80s to now.  and group artist included : Huan-huai Party(憂歡派對), The Little Tigers(小虎隊), Red Hot Boys(紅孩兒), Girl’s Team(少女隊), Handsome boys and Girls(帥哥美女綜藝團), and other famous singers in Taiwan market. In 2019, Carrier Entertainment was reorganized by the founder Shirley Miao, Nicky Wu(吳奇隆) who is the famous artist among mainland China, and Jay Ching(秦聰杰), who was former GM from OTC-listed performing art company in Taiwan, to jointly lead the team from artist management to the expansion of exhibition, concert and performing art. The domain is expanded to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, covering the entire Southeast Asia market.